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Brand and Business Naming

Stand out from the crowd

A brilliant name sets the stage for your brand, so it’s important to get it right. Not only does your brand name become a key differentiator for your business, but it’s also a critical element in building brand awareness and conveying your key messaging.

At Thirst Creative, we believe brand naming takes more than just creativity. Using a strategy-first approach, we work with you through the naming process to help you explore, identify and decide on a name that accurately represents your brand, business or product, and everything it stands for.

Ensure your brand or business becomes memorable

Lay a foundation upon which to build your brand identity

Set your brand up for long term success

Give your brand a competitive edge in the market

“Choosing the right name for your brand or business is important. It's a decision that requires a clear strategy and careful consideration as the name you select is likely to have numerous branding, marketing, digital and design implications.”

Michelle Alexander

Account Manager, Thirst Creative

What makes a good brand name?

A good brand or business name is one that is distinctive, memorable, meaningful and easy to pronounce. However, brilliant and inspiring brand names are the ones built on the back of a clearly defined brand strategy and value proposition. Having a clear strategy in place before embarking on the brand naming process ensures the name you choose is not only appropriate for your company but appropriate within your industry, your competitive landscape and most importantly, to your audience.

At Thirst Creative, we believe in using a strategy-first approach to brand naming. That’s why we begin the process with a brand naming workshop, involving you and your team, to help start the thought process, identify territories and uncover the best approach to naming your brand or business. Our team of strategists help guide you and your team by providing exercises and activities that consider the landscape and associated risks that may arise through the naming process.

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