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UX and UI Design

Take a user-centric approach

User experience should always be at the forefront of any web development project. UX (user experience) and UI (user interfacing) design play a crucial role in increasing customer satisfaction, ultimately easing web-navigation and driving conversion rates.

Our web development team have expert knowledge in wireframe development, structural user flow, interactivity and visual web design that help you meet your business goals through state-of-the-art, cutting edge web design techniques.

Keep your users at the forefront of your web development project

Encourage engagement and increase customer satisfaction

Increase usability and user adoption

Provide consistency, familiarity, predictability and efficiency to users

“UX isn’t just about what a website looks like, it’s about how it works and makes the user feel. It’s beauty with brains.”

Jess Gunawardana

Web Designer, Thirst Creative

What are you missing?

Before we jump into what you’re missing out on, let’s first explain what we mean by the terms UX and UI design. User experience (or UX for short) is the term used when referring to your user’s overall experience with your website, digital application or platform. User interface (or UI for short) design involves designing easy-to-navigate and visually attractive software for all types of devices – whether that be mobile, desktop or tablet.

UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design should be considered and implemented in the development of every web project. Why? Because UX/UI design plays an important role in achieving primary business goals such as increasing sales, generating more leads and growing the business. These goals are only achievable when you provide your users with a positive experience online. A well considered UX approach and beautiful UI will do wonders for your brand, increasing customer satisfaction and driving more conversions.

Here at Thirst Creative, our developers will make the navigation of your site effortless for users, guiding them through a brand experience and ensuring maximum value is achieved throughout the interaction. We’re all about removing friction and ensuring your customers don’t drop off your website unnecessarily.

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