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Brand Strategy

It’s more than just your name, it’s your purpose

Your brand isn’t just your logo, your name or your uniform – it’s everything. Together, these elements of your brand strategy form a complete experience that influences the way people perceive your products and services.

A comprehensive brand strategy is the key to gaining control over these perceptions people make about your brand. At Thirst Creative we offer customised brand strategy workshops that help you get to the heart of your business, understand your customers and uncover hidden opportunities.

Clarify your brand's direction and positioning in the market

Understand your customers and make your brand memorable

Develop a core brand idea that informs everything you do

Devise tactics to build brand loyalty and trust

“Whilst it may not always be obvious, every brand has ‘a something’ that drives it. Something special that sets it apart. An essence so to speak, that once uncovered, guides all future brand decisions and helps you realise your goals.”

Angela Harbinson

Managing Director, Thirst Creative

Why start with a brand strategy?

Developing a strong brand strategy is important to ensure you accurately define your company’s unique offering and experience. Part of this will be identifying a personality and tone of voice that is appropriate for your brand to use when speaking to the marketplace and crafting key messaging that will resonate with your target audience.

Having a clear brand strategy has the power to reposition your brand for future growth. Through the process of developing your brand strategy you will uncover who your best customers are and form a more thorough understanding of your company’s unique value proposition – that is what you do better than your competitors. Without a clear brand strategy it’s likely that your brand messaging will be inconsistent and your short term tactics will not be aligned to your long term goals.

At Thirst Creative, our team of strategists and brand experts work with you to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that not only guides future decisions but sets you up for long term success in your industry.

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