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JL King & Co.

JL King & Co. initially engaged Thirst Creative for a strategic workshop to identify potential marketing opportunities and areas for growth within their business. Following this workshop, they partnered with our team to access our full suite of marketing, design, brand and digital services.

Within the first 8 months of the partnership, our experts re-positioned the JL King & Co. brand through creating a new consumer-facing brand, Simply Tasty. This was followed by a new logo, packaging design, marketing collateral, website development, and a brand launch.

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Our team worked with JL King & Co. to streamline and optimise all aspects of their sales and marketing chain.

We started our engagement with a marketing strategy to identify potential opportunities, risks and changes in their industry. This lead us down the path of creating a new, customer-facing brand for their ready-meals range. This process involved developing a name that aligned to their core values, designing a logo that could be applied across packaging, collateral and digital assets as well as creating a new packaging concept that showcased the range.

During this process, we also evolved the JL King & Co. logo and recreated all of the existing marketing collateral to modernise the organisation. This included a new stationery deck, vehicle wraps, building and signage concepts, brochures, and more.

Following the design of the new brand, our team of UX experts and digital designers created a new, user-friendly website. The site works as a hub for JL King & Co.’s wholesale catalogue, and also a branding tool for the newly launched Simply Tasty. Subtle animation and bright visuals complement the new visual identity of JL King & Co.; elevating the brand into a modern era in strong contrast to their previous static site.

Designing a range of collateral required professional food photography to showcase the meals in all their glory. The images were essential in portraying the value of the ready-made meals and elevated the sites previous lack of ‘wow’ factor into a dynamic display of the Simply Tasty product catalogue.

We continue to work with JL King & Co. to support their marketing activities and help them continually improve on their ROMI.

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