Social Traders

Social Traders are a pioneer for Social Enterprise Procurement in Australia. They are the only Social Enterprise certifier dedicated to connecting businesses and government departments with Social Enterprises. Social Traders have over 350 certified Social Enterprises registered with their service, and over 120 business and government members utilising them.

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After realising their current website offering was difficult to update, had an outdated look and feel with poor navigation, Social Traders approached Thirst Creative to redesign their digital experience, including a complex Social Enterprise ‘finder’ tool that was fully integrated with their Salesforce system.


Our team was able to bring their new branding to life, giving the website a vast improvement visually. We used customer journey mapping and strong UI/UX design to make navigating the site seamless and intuitive.

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This set-up allows for long term efficiencies and flexibility

We used Craft CMS, a modern open-source content management system, to create a fully custom headless set-up, powered by the Vue.js and Nuxt.js frameworks. This set-up allows for long term efficiencies and provides Social Traders with the flexibility to easily update their content. Website speed, overall performance and security are additional benefits of the headless set-up that provide a great user experience. It also offers future scalability allowing them to better leverage their investment into the future.

To create the complex interactive Social Enterprise tool, our developers used Algolia, which leverages APIs to deliver the relevant content within milliseconds via Search. We were able to provide this powerful tool in both a list and map view for an extra level of functionality. It was also easily integrated into Social Traders’ Salesforce platform.

We used wireframing and interactive prototypes

The Process

To understand the problems the website needed to solve, we conducted a series of strategy workshops. We then used wireframing and interactive prototypes to get a high-level understanding of how the website would function from the end-users perspective.

In order to understand how Algolia would work on the website, we used a proof concept integration between Algolia and Salesforce. Our developers then got to work on the frontend and backend development of the website.

Beautiful & user-friendly

The Outcome

We’re very proud to be able to create a beautiful, user-friendly, on-brand website. The headless set-up in Craft CMS and other best-in-class technology integrations provide a sophisticated and intuitive level of functionality and performance.