Simply Tasty by JL King & Co.

JL King & Co. are a complete food service provider, distributing fresh produce and products to thousands of Australian businesses. Their sub-brand, Simply Tasty, offers a wide range of quality and comforting bulk and ready meals across salads, hot food, soups and sides.

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Thirst Creative previously worked with JL King & Co., helping them establish a new brand identity and marketing collateral including packaging, social media presence and dynamic logo. Simply Tasty, their sub-brand of ready meals has grown to over 65 SKUs with such an extensive range proving difficult for consumers to navigate their options at the point of purchase. The brand needed new packaging that would help evolve and strengthen its overall identity and create more cut through and appeal in a highly competitive market, making its product stand out on retailers’ shelves.


Our team systematised the ready meals into cuisine categories, creating a range architecture that delivers clear visual navigation for consumers at the point of purchase. The brand identity also evolved to develop a strong brand personality and tone of voice that is evident in all communications. Through easily identifiable icons, design devices and clear serving sizes, consumers can now access all the information they need at a glance. Retailers can also more easily navigate the range from an ordering and merchandising perspective.

Consumers can now easily navigate the offering

The Process

We worked closely with JL King & Co. to help them evolve their brand and define the new range architecture based on current products and the NPD pipeline.

Defining the category names and colours, updating product names, reviewing photography, determining claims and writing compelling product descriptions all whilst adhering to the stringent FSANZ packaging guidelines made this a complex project, but one that has revolutionised the way Simply Tasty presents in the market. Through a bold use of colour and a strong personality, consumers can now easily navigate the offering.

We worked hand in hand with the Simply Tasty team to generate new packaging finished art across the range, oversaw print production and material selection to ensure sustainable containers, stocks and inks were used.

Over 65 product packaging was created and produced

The Outcome

We are thrilled to work with JL King & Co. to continually improve and evolve their brand identity and revamp their packaging design to help them stay competitive in a growing market. Our team designed their ready meals into cuisine categories and over 65 product packaging was created and produced, including a range of Trios and bulk value 800g ready meal sizes.

Simply Tasty now features a bold new visual presence on shelf and at Deli counters across the country and major retailers are thrilled with the result and sales since the release of the new packaging design.

Since the launch of our Simply Tasty brand, Thirst has been our key partner in driving the brand forward and continually looking for opportunities and improvements to maximise impact and ultimately, sales. We're so pleased with the new Simply Tasty brand and packaging, as are our customers. We look forward to seeing the brand continue to grow in personality and awareness, with the Thirst team guiding the way.

Managing Director | JL King & Co.