A new dynamic brand with wide audience appeal.

The Cygnet group is a leading wealth management and financial advisory firm operating in a highly competitive market.

The goal

The Cygnet Group, consisting of two sub-divisional brands, wanted to present as one continuous brand and promise a life-long service to its clients.

The brand needed to better reflect the dynamic capabilities of Cygnet and position the company as contemporary and timeless. The brand needed to appeal to cross generations of clients and industries ranging as far as corporates to eSports.

The process

Using agile branding processes, our team drew insights from the directors at Cygnet, competitors and the wider market. The organisational idea that our strategists zeroed in on was Cygnet’s core strength of adaptability and being able to relate to their clients as a trusted, lifelong finance and account consultant.

Our designers developed a visual language that talked to the concept of decision-making being a life-long journey full of twists and turns, rather than a linear path with hard stops. The wordmark is clean and clear and tested for legibility as a manifestation of the clarity the organisation wanted to provide for their clients.

Cygnet’s colour palette, deep blues with highlight-near neon greens and whites, represents the traditions and conventions that are steeped in the financial service and accounting category. The dark navy blue adds a fresh and vibrant element, helping Cygnet to stand out.

The artefacts for Cygnet, such as their business cards, follow the brand’s symbology to create a continuous flow as clients move from specialist to specialist within the firm. These assets further emphasise the organic, winding journey clients face in life and business.

Custom-designed for the Squarespace platform, the website positions Cygnet as contemporary and timeless, elevating the company's new “advisers for life” manifesto. With custom animation and a responsive design, the website prioritises a simple user experience and removes complexity ordinarily associated with financial services.