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Bring your brand to life with animation

No one ever said building a strong brand was easy, but with animation you have the opportunity to tell a story about your brand, connect with your target audience and show them exactly who you are.

Creating animated marketing videos can be a great, engaging way to promote your products or service and support the development of your brand’s identity. At Thirst Creative, our team of strategists, video marketing specialists and animation experts work with you to understand your goals, your audience and develop animations that align with your brand.

Create your own unique brand image and personality

Cement your brand in the minds of existing and potential customers

Offer content that is both accessible and shareable

Tell a story about your brand and convey your unique value proposition

“With animation, anything is possible. Characters and objects can transform, disappear, defy the laws of physics or even travel through time. Animation can bring any scenario to life and give context to any idea…no matter how complex, abstract or implausible it might seem.”

Anthony Dillon

Graphic Designer, Thirst Creative

Why invest in animated marketing videos?

There are many ways that animated marketing videos can help to strategically position your brand in the market. In fact, animation can be enough to give your brand the competitive edge it needs, especially if those around you are yet to use such tactics. Not to mention that the popularity of these types of videos among consumers has skyrocketed over recent years!

With animated marketing videos, you have the power to build a completely unique image, personality and story for your brand that will help you better connect with your customers. They are also a great way for brand’s just like yours to communicate their values and vision in a truly original and authentic way. Brand’s that truly nail animated video marketing are those that create compelling and engaging stories, using characters that are relatable, to truly grip their audience and encourage them to become invested in the business.

At Thirst Creative, our team of video marketing specialists will help you succeed with your animated marketing videos by strategically selecting the content, colour palette, music, animation style, characters and style of narration for your marketing video to ensure it carries the greatest impact.

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