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Leafy Patch

Leafy Patch engaged Thirst Creative to guide the brand strategy for their suite of products from logo and packaging design concepts to supermarket shelves, website development and social media channels. Leafy Patch launched in September 2016 with a new range of fresh packaged lettuce mixes for the consumer market. Thirst Creative reviewed Industry data and undertook marketing research to understand the key purchasing groups for this product category and their decision making drivers.

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Insights about each audiences purchasing behaviour, product preferences and quality expectations helped Thirst Creative form a strong and targeted brand direction for Leafy Patch. This was used across the brand design, messaging, product packaging and online channels.

The Leafy Patch logo now reflects a modern natural feel that the target audience was drawn to during user testing. It has references back to the farm where their products are grown and reflects the organisations farming values. We kept this key theme consistent throughout the online and offline brand experience, designing packaging to showcase freshness and quality with a colour palette and graphic style that appeals to target audiences.

Leafy Patch also wanted a mobile friendly website that would meet the needs of their savvy target demographic, allow easy access to recipes, provide product information and integrate with their social platforms. Our team of developers, designers and content writers built a mobile friendly, easy to navigate and search engine optimized website that compliments the product packaging and branding.

The website features inspiring ways to add leafy greens to your daily diet, with recipes for each of the products. Users can filter by ingredient and dietary filters. Nutritional information is included for each recipe. Leafy Patch wanted to tap into the needs and pain points of a food loving #saladlover and get their audience to share recipes and the own salad creations.

A communications plan was developed to determine the key messages for each of their stakeholder groups, being wholesalers, supermarkets and end consumers. We assisted Leafy Patch in the social media channel selection and roll out, ensuring consistent brand language was communicated in time for the product launch. All packaging and social content promotes the hashtag #saladlover designed to inspire consumers to share and celebrate healthy salads.

From seasonal promotions to blog content, Thirst Creative continues to offer ongoing support to assist Leafy Patch getting their messages across to their target customers.

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