Annual Reports. Unlocked.

Whether you're a small non-profit or a sprawling corporation, an annual report is a cornerstone of your public image and communication strategy. Here, we introduce different types of reports and guide you on why and how they can amplify your narrative and impact.

Printed Annual Reports

Thirst Creative - Printed Annual Reports

Why create a physical Annual Report?

A well-crafted printed Annual Report gives a tangible presence of your organisation's progress and accomplishments. It's an artistic artefact of your year's work, showcasing your brand, culture, and mission. Choosing an appropriate design package and theme can help your printed report leave a lasting impression on your key stakeholders.

Digital Annual Reports

Thirst Creative - Digital Annual Reports

Why opt for a digital Annual Report?

The digital landscape offers unlimited potential for presenting your Annual Report in an engaging, interactive manner. It's not just about converting a PDF into a web page but about creating an immersive, media-rich experience to highlight your acocmplishments. You can also incorporate data visualisation and track user engagement to understand the impact of your report better.

For a more immersive exploration, check out our mini-site below showcasing fun and innovative Digital Annual Reports.

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Hedge Your Bets

Thirst Creative - Printed & Digital Annual Reports

Why not embrace the best of both worlds?

To maximise your reach, consider both printed and digital reports. This dual approach lets you take advantage of the tangible impact of printed reports and the interactive capabilities of digital ones. Check out five distinct ways to make your annual report stand out and connect with a wider audience, irrespective of the format.

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Which Annual Report is right for you?

Deciding between printed, digital, or both depends on your organisation's specific needs and your target audience. Understanding how to get the most out of your annual report can guide you towards the right decision.

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Some of our valued annual report clients

Thirst have helped to make our annual report much more engaging and interesting to read, we received a lot of positive feedback on the impact.
Rochelle Santiago Marketing & Communications Manager, CarersACT