Managing a digital project from start to finish

8 steps to manage a digital project perfectly

Hi, I’m Olivier, the Head of Digital at Thirst Creative. I am going to summarise our process for delivering digital experiences that drive competitive advantage.

You could think of our digital process as a checklist, that every team member follows to achieve the same desired, consistent result.

1. Brief

Let’s start with briefing. To understand and guide your needs we provide a briefing template and questionnaire, aiming at defining your needs so we can start an initial discussion with you.

2. Scope

In the scoping phase, we confirm our understanding of the brief and estimate your digital project’s value with input from our designers and developers.

3. Quote

We will then estimate the effort required to deliver your vision. Working with our creative and technical teams, we will produce a customised quote listing inclusions, exclusions and assumptions.

However, rather than working on a fixed price/fixed scope basis, we prefer to charge for the time we spend so there is flexibility to constantly fine-tune the scope. We then work with you to establish, feature by feature, what you actually need to include in your site.

4. Kick-Off

Then we are able to kick-off! This is an opportunity to make sure the wider project team - your team and ours - are aligned and on the same page.

5. Timeline

From here, we determine the most appropriate action plan to achieve these goals and map out a timeline for the duration of the project so that expectations, roles and responsibilities are clearly laid out.

6. Delivery:

Now to our two-phased delivery approach: design and development.

  • Design: We are specialists in wire-framing, structural user flow, interaction and visual design. Our in-house, cross-functional team will help bring your vision to life.
  • Develop: we will then develop your website using state-of-the-art back end and front end development frameworks as well as the latest CMS technology. Our focus is on creativity, performance and security.We keep you posted regularly throughout the project. We believe transparency and honesty are key to a successful working relationship, and a performing website.

7. Deploy

We will then deploy your website. Following rigorous testing, we work to eliminate room for human error.

8. Warranty

Post-launch, we offer a 30-day warranty period for bug fixing to ensure your website works as intended. At this final stage our strategists can help you identify opportunities to promote your digital presence through digital marketing strategy.

So there you have it, our 8 step digital process. But process is not everything at Thirst. Our team likes to follow agile ways of working. We believe in working to a flexible scope, prioritising communication and responding to evolving needs to implement digital solutions that are right for your business.

Contact me today for more information. Your new website could transform your digital presence.