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Olivier Michelet

Head of Digital

With a natural talent for digital and an esteemed career that has evolved over 15 years in the industry, Olivier leads the Thirst Creative digital team as Head of Digital.

Olivier is at the forefront of digital performance, with a myriad of skills across digital content, UX, editorial, project management and stakeholder management, backed by a strong foundation of technical capability and expertise. A career that has spanned across Europe and Australia working alongside some of the world’s most influential companies, Olivier has a refined passion and talent for strategic digital action.

An accomplished leader in his field, Olivier brings with him a strong ability to create and deliver innovative, yet collaborative digital solutions. Always viewing engagement strategy through a technical lens in conjunction with his talent for dynamic content creation, Olivier is able to spur measurable and sustainable results.

With this valuable technical expertise and knack for all things digital and strategy, Olivier grows businesses through his acute understanding of the digital landscape.


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