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Digital Strategy

The digital revolution

Having an online presence is no longer an option, it’s an obligation. The power of digital can no longer be denied and from search to social, a comprehensive digital strategy is now one of the most powerful and influential tools you can develop for your business.

At Thirst Creative, our team of strategists, designers and web developers work with you to develop specific and measurable goals for your business and craft a digital strategy that will not only allow your team to determine top priorities, but act as an action plan to achieving these goals in both the short-term and the long-term.

Establish short and long-term objectives to achieve with digital

Gain access to expert advice and technical skills that will help guide your decision making processes

Identify the best digital marketing mix for your brand or business

Identify digital priorities and develop an action plan for achieving these

"Thirst Creative helped us bring our new website to life and the experience was nothing less than professional, supportive and personalised. From the very start they were the right fit for us, addressing every detail set out in our brief, showing initiative to provide more and, most importantly, taking the time to understand our brand and desired outcomes."

Zoe Ottaway

Mountain Goat

Why is it important to have a digital strategy?

Businesses without a digital strategy often lack a unified direction when it comes to their digital tactics, largely because they don’t have clear, strategic goals for what they are trying to achieve online. In fact, this can also be the case even for businesses that do have a digital strategy in place. As the digital space is constantly evolving this creates the need to regularly update your digital strategy to keep up with the latest technology and trends. So if your digital strategy is out of date, this can cause significant issues when it comes to achieving your goals.

A comprehensive and regularly updated digital strategy will ultimately allow you to reach and engage your target audience more effectively. At Thirst Creative, we see digital strategy as the essential foundation of any digital project. Taking into consideration the demographic of your target audience as well as their online behaviour patterns, our team help you identify the best platforms to use as part of your digital marketing mix to ensure return on investment (ROI). From here, we determine the most appropriate tactics for your business to use going forward and work with you to build strong digital assets, campaigns and content for your brand.

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