World Wildlife Fund - Australia

Designing an online home for all projects within WWFA’s Innovate to Regenerate initiative

WWF-Australia approached us for a quick-build solution to efficiently showcase the projects funded under their Innovate to Regenerate initiative. The online home would serve as a hub for the program, providing direct contacts for each project and a reliable portal for information.

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Together, this is what we achieved:

  • We developed an information, content, and contact hub for all 25 Innovate to Regenerate projects, providing WWFA with a future-proofed solution to add more projects and make information alterations seamlessly.

  • By incorporating interactive visual tools, we have enabled WWFA to effectively engage new audiences by simplifying complex concepts and making them more accessible.

  • We created a map view that showcases all projects across the country in an easily accessible and updatable format, facilitating efficient navigation and updates.

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The Thirst Creative team provided valuable guidance throughout the design and implementation process of our program website, allowing us to ultimately land on a product we’re very happy with. They were also super agile and able to roll with iterations on the design. Thanks Thirst team!
Annie Yan Community Manager