Nucleus Network

A powerful website, combining the content of 4 into 1.

Nucleus Network is the only Phase 1 clinical trials specialist with facilities in both Australia and US, dedicated to advancing medicine and improving lives.

The Goal

As industry leaders recognised for their expertise, Nucleus Network were looking to reflect their valued positioning in a digital space. With two core audiences to serve, B2B clients and B2C trial participants, Nucleus Network needed their website to prioritize user experience. Existing content from 4 websites needed to be included in the new design, meaning the site had to be accessible and user-friendly for authors.

To communicate the organisation’s advantage of quality, the digital design required a modern aesthetic while staying true to Nucleus Network’s established brand identity.

The Process

As a long-time partner of Nucleus Network, the Thirst team entered the digital project with a deep understanding of the organisation; its goals, purpose and challenges. With a hard deadline in place, our strategists communicated with key business stakeholders to kickstart development, prioritising success measures for engagement and finding solutions for the highest value problems.

Using a constructed story map, our developers designed an optimised digital experience based on B2B and B2C client insights. Integrating with their CRM system, we crafted a strategic procedure for their B2C audience to register and participate in clinical trials. After developing a solid understanding of the current brand visual, our designers were able to roll Nucleus Network’s identity on the website, helping to modernise and improve overall aesthetic.

By creating interactive prototypes and refining concepts, our team developed a website that clearly outlines the organisation’s purpose and engages the core audience. Working collaboratively with Nucleus Network throughout, our developers have delivered a highly-functional, user-oriented experience that reflects the innovation and quality of the established brand.

The Thirst team looks forward to continuously rolling out new features on the website and initiating performance marketing to extend Nucleus Network’s outputs and capabilities in the future.