Murray Irrigation

Playful brand logo and tagline for marketing collateral

Murray Irrigation has been sponsoring local children from across the region to learn about water safety and the importance of learning to swim.

Primary school children completing the program
Primary schools and four swim clubs being involved
More than $13,000 in funding awarded to local schools All within one year of launch.

The Goal

When approaching the ‘Learn to Swim’ brand, it was important to our team that the initiatives community and school-centric vision grounded the project's creative concept.

The Process

To kickstart design exploration our team researched the Murray River and its rich, native wildlife.

After exploring a variety of native Australian wildlife that inhabit the local community and surrounding area, our designers selected a platypus to represent the program to best appeal to the brand's youthful audience and playful nature. Our team also developed the tagline ‘make a splash’ to support the visual logo concept of ‘Pip’, further solidifying the inviting and fun nature of the project.

The ‘Learn to Swim’ brand was applied to an extended catalogue of marketing and operational collateral, including posters, certificates, print advertisements, billboards and even a colouring-in page on the Murray Irrigation website.