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Being a community organisation operating in the health industry, healthAbility required their logo to be applied across a number of assets. After launching a brand review to ensure this was possible, our team realised that their existing design presented usability issues but were quick to provided a solution. This involved implementing a solid style guide for all future branded assets. Thirst Creative also designed and delivered branded service brochures to help communicate vital client information with the style guide and ensured the brand was consistent at all touch points.

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healthAbility’s website also needed a revamp to roll out their new brand image. For healthAbility, having a high-quality website with good accessibility for all users was a key focus. With knowledge and expertise in this area, our team rebuilt their large and complex website, taking into consideration the different user experience (UX) and accessibility requirements of its users. This is an essential consideration for all health industry businesses.

The idea of digital inclusion, where no one is left behind or disadvantaged in the digital world is something that we are passionate about. Throughout the whole website building project, this was our priority. Our team ensured that each and every page met the website content accessibility guidelines, meaning every member of the community now has equal access and are free to enjoy the content.

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