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Baseball Australia

Company summary

Baseball Australia is the governing body for all levels of baseball throughout the country. is the media and content division of Baseball Australia, encompassing all baseball news and information surrounding the Australian Baseball League, the seven State and Territory associations and 600+ clubs across the country.

The challenge

Baseball Australia engaged our team for a complete overhaul of their brand identity and digital ecosystem. The brand approached our team with a visual identity that was dated and a website that did not fulfill its role as a business tool and content hub for its fans and sponsors.

Our team were challenged with the task of evolving the brand for a new generation; crafting a modern visual identity and developing a website that could appeal to and support the needs of their growing fanbase.

The solution

The visual, functional and UX improvements of our work with Baseball Australia has been greatly endorsed by fans and sponsors alike. Our team created an interconnected network of sites that has evolved the platform into the ultimate fan-centric content hub; combining a refreshed brand identity with meaningful and accessible content.

The entirety of the project was a success, not only for the sheer outcome, but also for the level of trust that has been reached with the client.

The goal

As a fan-driven brand, Baseball Australia needed a content-hub to act as the epicenter of all activity.

The revamped site needed to easily distribute content, optimise revenue-generating opportunities, process audience analytics, and reach a national and global market.

Baseball Australia also needed a rebrand to modernise their brand that required a clean, type-driven logo that could easily applied to digital applications.

The process

We used industry leading technology and modern design to pull the brand into a new era.

To guide the task we began by strategically planning in various workshops and were able to clearly define the scope of deliverables.

The new brandmark includes stylised, iconic red stitches from a baseball and a bright combination of highlight colours coupled with a deep blue for visual impact. Overall the refined brand adds a contemporary and exciting feel to the website.

To design and build the website, our digital developers selected WordPress for its myriad of functionalities based on user needs. To target an international market our team prioritised language translation on the site.

To future-proof the website and integrate technical specifications including the need for a live score feed, we naturally chose a fast-loading headless CMS set-up on WordPress using modern JavaScript frameworks.


“Our team has worked tirelessly with industry leader Thirst Creative to create a platform that will better suit the needs of our organisation and the growing baseball community as a whole” – Baseball Australia’s CEO Came Vale.

Baseball Australia logo design and website development
Baseball Australia website
Baseball Australia logo

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