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Create an experience your audience will never forget

Creative and innovative marketing events could be what your brand or business needs to take it to the next level. 

At Thirst Creative, we connect brands and businesses with their audiences to forge deeper connections, stronger engagement and to establish trusted relationships. Our team of events planners and strategists can assist with a wide variety of events ranging from small, intimate business breakfasts, to online webinars, product launches, brand activations or more general company events and functions.

Create a valuable, memorable, meaningful and tangible experience for your audience

Establish a clear, strategic direction for your event with measurable outcomes

Access to a talented design team to help you with your branded event collateral and styling

Gain access to a highly experienced team of event planners and strategists

"Experiential marketing has a growing importance in this digital age, providing opportunities to build relationships and create memorable and shareable brand moments."

Angela Harbinson

Managing Director, Thirst Creative

Looking to host an event?

Hosting an event poses a variety of benefits to your business. Depending on the type of event you plan to execute, these benefits may include forging deeper connections with your audience, increasing your brand’s exposure, increasing web traffic, expanding your business network and encouraging user generated content on social media. Further to this, your event will provide your attendees with a memorable, meaningful and tangible experience that will stick with them, leaving a lasting impression of your brand.

At Thirst Creative, we help take the guess work out of event planning, tailoring solutions to meet your exact needs and objectives. Assisting you with everything from designing and delivering your event invitations to managing suppliers such as photographers and caterers, our team ensure a seamless process to planning and executing your event.

Our team can assist you with a range of events including (but not limited to): business breakfasts, webinars, corporate events and functions, seminars, educational workshops, campaign activations, trade shows, product/service/brand/company launches and more. 

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