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Campaign Management

Execute marketing initiatives that perform

Marketing campaign management involves the planning, execution, tracking and evaluation of marketing campaigns. It can be a challenging and overwhelming task for even the most experienced manager. 

At Thirst Creative, our team are here to make life easier for you by acting as an extension of your team to develop, deliver and drive ROI throughout the entirety of your marketing campaign.

Conduct robust and impactful marketing campaigns

Gain access to an experienced team of campaign strategists

Develop creative concepts that carry impact

Effectively track, measure and analyse your campaign’s performance

"Over the past couple of years, we've engaged Thirst Creative on a series of digital campaigns for demand generation. Thirst sharpened each campaign strategy, drove creative and collateral development - enabling us to execute a holistic, multi-touch, nurture campaign around 'Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime.'"

Katherine Chong

Campaign Marketing Manager, Mailguard

Have a target you want to hit?

Marketing campaign management requires comprehensive planning, timely execution and a great deal of insight into the audience you are reaching out to. This involves understanding who you audience is, what problem they are trying to solve, what their daily routine looks like and what is likely to catch their attention.

At Thirst Creative, our campaign strategists are equipped with the knowledge and experience to either manage or step in at any stage of the process to help you plan, develop, execute and evaluate a successful campaign.

Our team can assist you with any of the following: Creative campaign concepts, campaign management and execution, campaign automated workflows, design of assets and collateral, print management, development of digital assets, advertising, social media, email marketing, content development, copywriting, campaign tracking and optimisation, campaign analytics and ROI reporting, conferences and events, public relations. 

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