Melbourne University Sport

Craft CMS for maximum flexibility.

Melbourne University Sport is an organisation dedicated to fuelling dynamic student sporting experiences; with a vast range of competitive, recreational and instructional clubs as well as extensive fitness services.

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The Goal

The new digital strategy needed to maximise user experience and prioritise the content authors at Melbourne University Sport.

For the users, it had to be easy to navigate and cater to a wide range of needs — from finding university sports clubs and training times, right through to booking courts and learning about programs on offer.

For their marketing team, the website had to be future proof, easy to edit and have flexible content modules in order to create engaging page layouts. For this reason, we chose to build the new website on Craft CMS. This platform lends itself really well to some of the functionality that was required such as a fully flexible timetable. Additionally, due to its easy publishing workflow, it was an obvious solution to cater for the vast amount of content authors, from club presidents to marketing intern, all needing specific permissions.

The Process

We worked through their vast number of pages and requirements to create an optimised sitemap which would go on to inform the menu and navigational structures.

We then designed individual content modules so that we could create modular page templates. Once we had some established designs, we ran a user testing workshop to test-run a prototype with the people who would use the website the most — University of Melbourne students!

Our test users came from a range of target audiences: club members, students who use the gym or want to find membership information, and people wanting to hire courts or venues. This process validated our design decisions, and informed any changes we needed to make during the development phase.

Read more about our user testing process here.

Aside from the complete redesign, one of the most noticeable changes is their mobile-friendly timetable allowing gym members to check upcoming classes at the drop of a hat (before this, they needed to download a PDF each time!).