International Cycling Executives

Seamless web experience tying brand values together.

International Cycling Executives (ICE) are an elite global business community of cycling enthusiasts. ICE partners its members' passion for cycling with a genuine support network of like minded individuals; providing an organic environment for business opportunities, networking and friendships to flourish.

The Goal

ICE was in need of a site that would act as a platform for membership applications, as well as an overarching community hub for industry news and member updates.

While offering a seamless user experience for members, the new design needed to reflect the exclusivity of the ICE and elevate existing brand language to engage prospective cycling enthusiasts visiting the site.

The Process

Our team created a frictionless web experience that is grounded by their strong core value of community.

Our team emphasised usability within the new site; highlighting accessible information and creating a simplified, digital member application process in order to drive positive user-experience.

In order to further communicate the story and drivers of the business, our team utilised a dynamic journey-line device - brought to life through SVG animation - to literally tie the brands core values together and cement the brand narrative of ICE in the mind of users.