Intelligent Transport Systems Australia

Headless website supporting integrations & memberships.

Intelligent Transport Systems Australia (ITS) is a membership body supporting and promoting the development of safe, efficient and sustainable transport across both private and public modes.

The Goal

The website needed to prioritise and improve UX, spotlight the Events' function and integrate with membership databases via an application programming interface (API). ITS also wanted to improve accessibility and prevent conversion-killing technical difficulties on the content heavy website.

The Process

To kickstart the project and inform the website’s functionality, our team held a stakeholder meeting with ITS.

Together we prioritized page components, which enabled us to arrange the framework of the revised website. In creating wire frames, our team visually guided the design process and ensured we accomplished the set user experience goals.

To help future proof the ITS digital process, we chose to use a headless CMS architecture to develop the website. By using industry leading technology like headless, the website can communicate with membership databases in real time and will support any digital channel ITS chooses to engage with in the future.

To add a level of depth to the website we added additional colours and gradients to the existing colour palette. Our team also designed animations on the home page to ensure the website appeared modern, engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

ITS’ feedback indicates that the team are extremely pleased with the outcome of their modern, innovative and dynamic website. The Thirst team are also incredibly proud of the new creative features and effective design layout.

Other than achieving the set objectives, incorporating a headless CMS has led to faster load times, extra-security and greater efficiency for content authors.