Custom headless website to optimise speed & performance

healthAbility deliver a diverse range of holistic, affordable and accessible tailored health services, which empower people of all ages and abilities to live their best life possible. They are a medium-sized community health service servicing the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and have been operating in the community for 44 years, caring for a client base of more than 25,000 people.

We opted to create a custom, responsive website on Craft CMS, a leading open-source content management system. A fully custom headless set up with Craft ensures the website optimises speed, performance, reliability and scalability. This would future-proof the website, providing long term efficiencies and facilitating much-needed flexibility. The headless structure also allows for extra security and brand consistency across multiple content management platforms.

Our digital team were also able to provide some additional features:

  • Instant and intuitive search powered by Algolia for their numerous service offerings

  • Auto translate functionality for their non-English speaking customers

  • A text version of the site for easier navigation and reading

  • Integrations with their phone systems, Salesforce and MailChimp

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The Process

The Thirst team used an iterative and agile methodology of delivery across four phases, to deliver a website that works seamlessly and intuitively for the end customer.

Phase 1 - Discovery - Define the conditions and goals that will inform our strategic direction.

Phase 2 - Strategy - Strategic planning, UX and UI assessment, customer journey mapping.

Phase 3 - Design and Build - wireframing, prototyping and front-end and back-end development including testing.

Phase 4 - Ongoing Support - continue to deliver value and functionality based on their specific needs.

The Outcome

Using a fully custom headless Craft CMS, we were able to provide healthAbility with a website featuring a fresh and modern aesthetic, easily updatable and presents information very clearly to their audience. It is also fully integrated with their current digital systems and includes additional functionality for search, translation and text versions.