Emergency Preparedness

Video assets to convey emergency preparedness.

Facing emergency situations is a reality for many Australians and educating Victorians about the importance of precautionary action is a mission the Frankston, Mornington Peninsula, Kingston and City of Greater Dandenong councils are passionate about championing in their local communities.

The goal

The multiple councils were determined to build a set of information assets that would make emergency preparedness and best-practice more accessible than ever.

Our team approached the entire project with the ultimate goal of visually communicating the important underlying message of the campaign in a relatable, straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.

The process

The emergency preparedness website acts as the hub of the information, with vital emergency-specific resources, guides, medical advice, interactive elements and contact numbers featuring prominently and clearly throughout the site.

The isometric design that flows constantly throughout the emergency preparedness booklet, website and videos mirrors that of previous council work, but with an updated and refreshed style. Animation considerations influenced the simplistic and streamlined design in preparation for the 8-part video series that complements the printed booklet and the website.

Our video department put together the independent videos of which each detail the best-practice preventative behaviour for a variety of different emergencies, from heatwaves to floods. Each video is crafted with custom illustrations that build a visual experience for the viewer in order to keep them actively engaged throughout.