Delite Mandarins

A campaign packed with Delite

Nutrano Produce Group, an industry leader in fresh produce, knew that Delite mandarins were special; they just needed help getting the rest of Australia to realise it. But with a category saturated with products that all look and sound the same, the question wasn't about how to squeeze them in, but rather, how to make them stand out.

With the objective to boost brand awareness and sales, our solution was a fully integrated brand awareness campaign that not only reached millions, but resulted in Delite mandarins being peeled and popped into mouths nation-wide.

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Together, this is what we achieved:

  • 2.3 million impressions across all paid media platforms

  • 1 million video views on BVOD platforms, YouTube and social media

  • Featured on 43 high-profile digital metro billboards across metro Australia

  • Thousands of happy kids and relieved mums and dads

  • One satisfied client.

1 Edentify Mandarin Research Nov 2021