Refreshed branding and brought to life digitally.

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) is a national independent research network dedicated to housing, homelessness, cities and related urban research.

The goal

AHURI were in need of engaging and visual material that would amplify their key research findings in a digestible manner.

The process

AHURI’s research focuses on five distinct markets, each represented within one of the four video projects produced by our team; these markets include swaps in public housing; disability accessible housing; low-cost private rental housing brokerage; apartment pre sales for low/mid income earners and precinct-level urban redevelopment.

Our animators created bright, colourful and active character visuals in order to convey the research findings in an engaging and visual manner; amplifying the message of the video in a way viewers can understand and relate to. Each video not only strives to tell a unique story, but comply and adhere to the accessibility considerations it preaches through the application of subtitles.

Our video production team was able to digest the key messages of the report to create succinct stories for each topic. These stories were then brought to life with illustrated and animated characters and events within the animated set, producing - with much love and care - an extended video series that will drive further awareness, research and implementation of AHURI’s important housing market insights.

Professionally recorded voice-overs, sound effects and backing music were added in post production to elevate the videos and ensure viewers remained engaged throughout.