Mountain Goat

The Goats came to Thirst Creative to refresh and optimise their website to better reflect the dynamic history, scale and personality of the brewery. The goal was to create a new website that would improve Mountain Goat’s web presence, provide seamless mobile responsiveness, integrate their social networks and improve the existing functions on their original site.

Mountain Goat needed a next generation website that would create traction and drive focus towards their bar, brewery, private function area and unique range of craft beers.

With a customised design-led approach, the Thirst Creative team created a site that is rich in information and visuals, capturing the vision of the brand, the enthusiasm of the ‘Goat Army’ and the passion of the Goats and the wider craft beer community. The site design was inspired by their existing brand, product range and packaging designs.

The new site is built on WordPress, which provides the Mountain Goat team with full accessibility to update their content as often as they need. New features, such as the weekly beer tap list and a comprehensive beer archive for Goat fans, Mountain Goat can now showcase their great products and brewery space.

By collaborating with our team of strategists, designers and developers, Mountain Goat have achieved a mobile responsive, visually appealing and dynamic website which will continue to establish their position as Australia’s leading craft beer provider.


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