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Grounded Construction Group

Grounded Construction Group re-engaged our team with a purpose of refreshing and modernising their website. The brand had outgrown their existing site and were looking to develop a more sophisticated platform that better communicated the level of quality and professionalism that is reflected in their own service.

Playing off the latest digital web design trends including motion parallax and utilising a renewed colour palette, our team developed a website within an incredibly tight deadline that refreshed the brand’s digital visual identity and streamlined their branding in order to appeal to their growing customer-base.

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The Grounded Construction Group website design was greatly influenced by a desire from the client to ‘sleeken’ their existing look and feel. The project worked seamlessly through a ‘reverse brief’ format, where our team sought out ‘design trend’ inspiration based off the clients original comments and presented a range of creative solutions to their loosely defined website revision brief. Through this process our team were able to deliver an incredibly quick turn-around and build the website vision collaboratively with Grounded Construction Group. These open flows of communication allowed the project to evolve and grow in an incredibly controlled and manageable way.

Our team also created a loose style-guide for the brand detailing fonts, layouts and a revised colour palette with the overarching goal of reviving and realigning the brands digital visual identity. Alongside the on-trend design features, this visual refresh succeeded in modernising the brands digital image.

Grounded Construction Website across Mac products
Grounded Construction Website Layout
Grounded Construction full web-layout diagram

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