Digitime Webinar Series

Annual reports can be so much more than a necessary evil with an immersive digital annual report.

Digitime Webinar Series

Welcome back to Digitime! In this webinar series, we aim to provide you with an insight into the world of website development and digital marketing.

We know Annual Reports can be a drag but they can be so much more than a necessary evil. They can be a pleasure to read, drive new leads and can be fully digital. Check out our minisite to see what a Digital Annual Report can do for you.

In this webinar, Digitising your Annual Report, our team discusses how a digital annual report can benefit your brand. Going digital is not only fun and engaging, it’s more sustainable and cheaper year on year. We’ll take you through the process of how we do it and discuss IPC Health's 2021 digital annual report. A massive thank you to Geri Skillicorn from IPC Health for providing her insights.

Understanding Digital Annual Reports

Digital annual reports bring many benefits - they offer a more comprehensive and engaging experience by utilising interactive financial data visualisation, embedded multimedia elements, and interactive infographics. By going digital, we can also make our reports more environmentally friendly, as highlighted in 'Can a Digital Annual Report Complement Your Existing Print Report?'.

Measuring Success

While the visual appeal and engagement are significant, we also need to consider the return on investment of digital annual reports. As discussed in 'How Do Companies Measure the Success and ROI of Their Digital Annual Report Efforts?', it's crucial to use metrics like website traffic, engagement rates, and lead generation to determine the success and ROI of our efforts.

Getting the Team on Board

Adopting a new approach can sometimes meet resistance within an organisation. That's why it's important to effectively communicate the benefits of digital annual reports to our teams and stakeholders, as Thirst Creative explains in 'Selling the Benefits of a Digital Annual Report to Teams and Stakeholders'. Through understanding, demonstration, and addressing concerns, we can promote the innovative and effective nature of digital annual reports.

Experience the Future of Annual Reports

Want to see what a digital annual report can do for your organisation? Check out our digital annual report minisite and explore IPC Health's 2022 Digital Annual Report. The future of annual reporting is here.