All inclusive publication designs & illustrations.

WIRE is an information, support and referral service run for women, by women. The organisation is committed to assisting women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people in a multitude of issues including domestic violence, financial independence and mental health.

The goal

The creative team at WIRE are advocates for design that stands out from the crowd. Each year our designers are tasked with the exciting challenge of bringing to life their outside-of-the-box, design-heavy Annual Report concepts.

The process

We have developed a strong design vision for the organisation's external building signage, brochures, business cards, campaign booklets, posters and extended collateral, all working towards advertising and supporting their fundraising efforts.

In 2018, WIRE used their Annual Report as an opportunity to showcase their many achievements and bold brand personality with a dynamic magazine-inspired design. This design-led ‘exposé’ into their mission allowed readers - and potential donors - to have a deep engagement with the vision and values of WIRE through the extremely visual report.

To further complement the boldness and non-confirmative style of WIRE’s 2018 Annual Report, our team included a pull-out wall poster hidden within the report; allowing the report to actively engage with the reader’s surroundings and immersing the WIRE message in the culture of readers workplaces and homes. This Annual Report has been utilised as the ultimate marketing asset; valuing strategy as much as design.

In 2019, WIRE used their Annual Report to champion the message of equality - with their theme ‘the future is feminist, bold and inclusive’. The report was once again designed with a unique format in mind, with the final output comprising of a ring-bound set of loose cards. This individual presentation will once again help to draw attention to and differentiate WIRE from other not-for-profit organisations.

The design of the Annual Report pushed industry boundaries, with the pull-apart nature of the format allowing for unique functionalities such as the un-hooking of quote pages within the report to be used as wall decor and posters in office spaces.

The 2019 Annual Report was also filled with custom illustrations created by our designers to represent members of the board of WIRE, staff and service users, and heavily featured trend-centric colour layering design elements throughout to help make the report as visual and creative as possible. This report truly represents the modern values of WIRE and communicates them in the most dynamic and eye-catching way possible.