WeThankU Appeal - Eastern Health

Celebrating an incredible team response to COVID.

Eastern Health is one of Melbourne’s largest public health services, providing a range of services including emergency, surgical, medical and general healthcare as well as specialist services.

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The goal

After seven months in a hard lockdown, Eastern Health was looking to share and celebrate the collective achievement from their frontline workers and the wider Victorian community.

Eastern Health wished to reveal the unedited and real stories that people experienced throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The campaign was to be supported with an underlying message of care, and structured around genuine and heartfelt messages of gratitude and appreciation to the community for their support.

The ROI requirements of the campaign were brand awareness and a measurable boost in donations to Eastern Health.

To unite the campaign and inspire the community with appreciation, our team of strategists and designers devised a heart shape brand identity. Rolled out in a variety of soft-tone colours, the ‘ThankU’ heart icon immediately generates feelings of care, kindness and gratitude.

Using the domain, the team designed and developed a custom microsite that acted as the central hub for the campaign, which featured the hero video and key campaign communications. The core purpose of the hub was to act as a social media aggregator.

The microsite provided a channel for a compelling collection of messages from the Eastern Health frontline workers to the community at large, and for the community to also express their thanks in return.

To achieve Eastern Health’s goals, we drew on a number of techniques for broad reach and genuine public engagement including exposure via influential contacts like Peter Hitchner and targeted social media advertising.

The emotional connection and empathy that the content provoked ultimately prompted visitors to donate to the Eastern Health Foundation through a clear call to action.