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Known as a global leader with a collaborative research culture, The University of Melbourne needed an annual report that would communicate their dedication to excellence in everything they do.


Our solution was a forward thinking digital annual report that would help build The University of Melbourne’s reputation as a hub for innovative education, research and collaboration. Through a collaborative effort, we have achieved WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility compliance.

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We were challenged to create a strategic communication tool.

The goal

Far more than an annual compliance, The University of Melbourne was looking for an ambitious way to celebrate their company’ successes, showcase their culture and deliver key messaging for their stakeholders.

Digitally, we knew their annual report could become far more engaging. We aimed to deliver an entirely different user experience for the online reader that considered the latest digital functionalities.

The University of Melbourne indicated that all components and the digital output must pass through WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility compliance. As a globally engaged university, the report also needed to be accessible and available to readers scattered across the world.

We dramatically transformed their annual report into a digital marketing asset.

The process

Utilising Webflow, our team of strategists and developers have delivered an innovative and accessible digital annual report. The end result is rich in visuals and adheres to The University of Melbourne’s overall brand, allowing users to digest a once content heavy printed document as the first digital annual report produced by any of Melbourne’s universities. To further help key stakeholder engage with The University of Melbourne’s annual successes, we included dynamic content through the report; case studies, animation and interactions.

Easy to navigate with well-structured content, the digital annual report is future proofed, ensuring The University of Melbourne can update content in future editions and increase their digital presence.

By going digital, The University of Melbourne can track and report on their publication’s performance. This data is invaluable to the university who can continuously improve their annual report’s performance year on year.