The Montgomery

Unique brand identity with assisting design collateral.

With over 20 years experience, Jino Australia is a real estate company dedicated to building signature living spaces across Melbourne

The goal

The Montgomery needed a unique brand identity that was going to differentiate the development from its competitors. The Montgomery was in need of a classy logo, A3 landscape flip-book and a display box that would consistently communicate the brand’s promise of elegant real estate.

The Process

Our design team set to work crafting an elegant yet modern logo which was teamed with it’s custom-painted print.

The Montgomery’s logo pairs a classic serif font with a contemporary edge; a custom-painted print designed in our studio. The print was created by our talented graphic designer Mollie, who contrasted typically modern colours such as Millennial pink and ocean blue paired with dark navy with a touch of royal red - creating a piece of art with great depth and variety that demonstrates the rhythm of architectural elements. This painted print was the perfect unique identifier The Montgomery needed to reflect its originality and flexibility. Creating a contemporary and luxury living experience in one of Melbourne's best-kept suburbs.

The Montgomery’s A3 landscape flip-book was an opportunity for the new property’s branding to truly shine. A special emphasis was placed on design within this piece due to the reliance prospective buyers place on display booklets when investing in buildings under construction. The flip-book is a compelling piece of display work, with the brand’s unique visual identity perfectly complementing the sleek development renders with pops of signature colours and a classic, refined design.

To complement the flip book our team designed a custom-made display box. The signature flowing paint print was applied to a cotton exterior which contained a sophisticated dark navy inner box. This combination applied an interesting contrast that defines the thoughtful layering of the construction techniques executed in The Montgomery.