Rubiks Development

Rubiks Development is a Melbourne based property development and management company that specialises in developing bespoke and luxury residential homes. They have more then 20 years of combined experience within the industry, and place a high emphasis on having good customer relationships to guide them through the projects they work on.

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Rubiks Development faced rising competition as other Melbourne based property development companies were growing and expanding fast. The company realised that they needed to refresh their brand identity with a new visual identity that better reflected the company and would speak to their clients and industry partners.


Our team created a modern, minimalist and sophisticated brand identity that accurately represents the company's bright future. The refresh positioned Rubiks Development as a business that can provide multiple highly flexible services and deliver aspirational lifestyles for their clients and industry partners. Our team developed a new logo design to align with their brand identity and help the company to evolve against rising competition.

Transition their new brand to succeed in the Australian market

The Process

Rubiks Development is a Chinese owned company but is based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally their work and branding were only attracting Chinese, but as the company evolved and became more established, they were ready to be more open to the local Australian market. Our team was able to speak to them in their language, to help overcome any language barriers and help them transition their new brand to succeed in the Australian market.

Inspired by the Rubiks Cube, the name was chosen by the directors at Rubik's Development. It reflects the complexity of the multi-faceted projects that the company manages, and provides highly flexible services at the same time. Our job was to create a visual identity that speaks as its name and for its people.

We designed the logomark based on the x, y and z axes that Rubiks Cube rotates

We designed the logomark based on the x, y and z axes that Rubiks Cube rotates. The ends of each stroke were cropped to sit within the plane that the axes create. And a little cut-out on the x axis from the centre creates a shadow beneath the xy-plane, adding more dimension to the overall mark. Both English and Chinese logotypes have also been customised with angle features to visually connect the type with the logomark.

The strokes are then expanded to form a 3D cube that can be used as a pattern in many different ways, creating a refined and sophisticated look and feel for the brand. We also curated a muted and soft colour palette consisting of beige, brown, soft black and white. It brings a sense of premium, trustworthy and welcoming, and creates a comfortable and relaxing space.

A logo that better reflects their brand identity

The Outcome

The Thirst team was able to create a new logo for Rubiks Development that better reflected their brand identity and to make a strong impression to new and existing clients by validating the professionalism of the company.