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The Poppy Appeal, with its iconic marketing collateral and merchandise provides financial, social and emotional support to those who served and sacrificed in all wars and conflicts.

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Most Victorians are used to seeing the poppy merchandise stalls dotted throughout train stations, situated on busy streets and scattered throughout shopping centres in the lead-up to Remembrance Day each year. But few people realise how difficult it was for RSL Victoria to raise the much needed funds during the 2020 Poppy Appeal - a year where residents were living through lock-down, streets where all-but deserted and social distancing was a necessity.


The end result was iconic - an interactive Poppy Remembrance Garden. The outstanding results can be accredited to a friendly UX, appeal of emotive empowerment, a personalised approach and the responsive system allowing the public to access a donation site from any device, at any time and contribute an amount of their choosing.

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RSL Victoria needed a charitable contingency plan.

The goal

RSL Victoria approached Thirst Creative to ideate and develop a modern, creatively ambitious platform that would combat their inability to fundraise locally.

The overarching criteria, as per their long-standing purpose, was to launch a visually appealing and functional digital fundraising platform that would promote, protect and shape the reputation and public perception of the League, while continuing to educate the public.

Our approach included a 4-tiered process: discovery, strategy, design and build.

The process

Fuelled by a passion to support and share the stories of all generations of Veterans in Victoria, our team worked with RSL to achieve their vision.

The platform was optimised to convert maximum donors through a considered and simple user experience and ensured that privacy and financial details were secured by proficient testing.

Upon each donation, donors had the freedom to craft a heart-felt message and pay their respects in a way that was tailored and personalised to their lived experiences with the RSL. The interactive nature of the platform allowed donors to share their planted poppy and their unique message on their personal social media accounts.

News of the Poppy Appeal Remembrance Garden quickly spread. A social campaign was launched in tandem with the platform's launch and the online engagement saw a 900% increase in digital donations received within the first week of launch.

The platform landing page itself was an inspirational animated sea of poppies and sincere messages. The sentiment was so moving and interactive that the cause quickly went viral, with one single day hitting 8,449 users, and still 200 new users landing on the site daily outside of the campaign duration.