Mountain Goat

Big on integrations. Fast. Headless. Easy CMS. Cheers!

Mountain Goat started out back in 1997 when two mates decided they wanted better tasting beers and were determined to do something about it.

The goal

The website needed to create traction and drive focus towards their bar, brewery, private function area and unique range of craft beers.

The goal was to create a new website that would ultimately improve Mountain Goat’s web presence, provide seamless mobile responsiveness, integrate their social networks and improve the existing functions on their original site.

The process

We have successfully created a site that is rich in information and visuals, capturing the vision of the brand.

The site design was inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of the Goats and the wider craft beer community, their existing product range and packaging designs.

The new site is built on Craft CMS, which provides the Mountain Goat team with full accessibility to update their content as often as they need. New features, such as the weekly beer tap list and a comprehensive beer archive for Goat fans, Mountain Goat can now showcase their great products and brewery space.

Since the website launched, Mountain Goat has increased their website traffic by 40% and number of returning visitors by a further 7.8%, meaning that they are well on the way to increasing engagement and building their loyal customer base - the “Goat Army”.