Frasers Property

Engaging animated video highlighting architecture.

Frasers Property is one of Australia’s leading property groups dedicated to creating better, smarter spaces with their highly innovative approach to property development.

The Goal

Fraser Property approached our team without existing architectural assets and the need for an educational video which would promote the sustainability of their newest property development.

Fraser Property was in need of a video that highlighted how the journey to achieving Living Building Challenge certification is creating value for the community, the industry, Fraser Property’s supply chain and business.

When approaching an idea that challenges preconceptions of traditional shopping centres and pushes the boundaries of consumer expectations, information is everything. Negotiating an educational piece is never easy when it comes to video, as necessary extended frames of speech can drive content to be a little lackluster. To combat this, our animators kept the visuals active and interesting through cuts of bright text and graphics. Teaming the organic beauty of the buildings architecture with fun and playful animation assisted in amplifying and driving the ‘inviting and social’ nature Fraser Property aim to promote. Using watercolour and greenery imagery, the video evolved from a simple educational piece to a visual journey of the consumer experience, progressing from storefronts to cafes that all stay in touch with the natural, interactive environment of the centre.