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Technology will continue to change the business world forever. We live in a digital age where websites are your sales team, complex processes are automated and customer interaction can trigger a series of ads that seem to follow you wherever you go. Utilising digital effectively is a huge competitive advantage and if your business is not up-to-date you can get left behind. At Thirst Creative, our team of digital strategists, designers and developers are constantly evolving with the market, investigating and testing technology and keeping ahead of trends to recommend and implement digital solutions that are right for your business.

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Successful businesses have strong digital tools that enable them to function efficiently. By harnessing the power of digital your business can effectively reach and engage with your target audience, improve processes, save time and generate money. At Thirst Creative, our team have broad expertise and skills in website design and development, technology and digital that enables us to recommend, build and implement tools that will add value, becoming a competitive advantage for your business.

With a strong focus on functionality, user experience and agile project delivery, our team work with you to understand and realise your digital vision and goals fast. Whether it’s a website, email, landing page, app or piece of custom software we start by assessing and documenting your required functionality and specifications to develop a clear digital roadmap. Once set, we start to conceptualise the architecture of your solution, working with wireframes and scenarios to build out a picture of the end product. For our digital strategy, design and development team, user experience (UX) plays a huge role in determining the final user interface design (UI). We test and measure our solutions in staging environments to refine the product through the build process to ensure we launch with a functional solution.

Our team also specialise in AA and A compliant websites and digital tools. Conforming to the web content accessibility guidelines allows users from a wider range of ability levels to have access to the rich, vibrant and ever-evolving content landscape that is available online. While some users simply will not have access to all types of media online due to their specific physical or cognitive limitations, compliance with WCAG 2.0 allows for other alternatives that can act as a replacement, giving users as much of the online experience as possible.

Our team can also support the ongoing management and optimisation of your digital tools. With advanced reporting, we highlight your results to give you the insight to see exactly how your platform is performing. With ongoing maintenance, we can then assess, monitor and improve the performance of your digital tools.

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Some of Our Valued Clients

"Thirst Creative helped us bring our new website to life and the experience was nothing less than professional, supportive and personalised. From the very start they were the right fit for us, addressing every detail set out in our brief, showing initiative to provide more and, most importantly, taking the time to understand our brand and desired outcomes."

Zoe Ottaway, Mountain Goat


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