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Campaign Collateral

Leave a lasting impression

There is nothing more important than investing in professionally designed campaign collateral if you’re looking to present your brand prominently in the market and attract the attention of prospective customers.

Here at Thirst Creative, our team of strategic thinkers will help you use design to your advantage, showcasing your brand, conveying your campaign messages and helping you accomplish your campaign objectives. Drawing on years of experience developing marketing collateral, our team can help you develop a distinctive visual identity for your campaign that can be rolled out across various touchpoints and formats.

Leave a long-lasting and positive impression with your audience

Present your information in a format that encourages interaction

Develop a distinct, purposeful and creative visual identity for your campaign

Effectively communicate your key messaging and achieve your campaign objectives

“Rolling out your campaign across a variety of mediums is a great way to reinforce the key messaging of your campaign whilst opening up opportunity for greater exposure. The use of a variety of mediums and assets can also open doors to clever, quirky and fun designs that your audience will love.”

Shannon Juvan

Graphic Designer, Thirst Creative

The key to designing effective campaign collateral

Today consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising so it’s important to put effort into developing and designing your campaign collateral so that it cuts through the clutter. Whether you’re working with an existing brand or a brand new one, you should always be looking for ways to push the creative boundary, still keeping your campaign collateral fresh, unique and relevant to your audience.

Taking a strategic approach to designing your campaign collateral will ultimately allow you to achieve your campaign objectives. Understanding the purpose of each collateral piece, how each contributes to your overarching goal, how your audience will come into contact with it and the responses you want to evoke with each are all factors that must be determined to develop the most effective designs for your campaign.

So whatever stage you’re at in the development of your campaign, our team of campaign strategists, digital designers, marketers and graphic designers are here to help you throughout the process and ensure your campaign packs a profound punch!

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