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Your brand is more than just your logo, it is what people say about you when you are not in the room. Understanding how you want your business to be perceived is the key to establishing a brand that resonates with its intended target audience. At Thirst Creative, we work collaboratively with you and your team to explore your vision, your business and your audience. We then help you to set your tone, personality and positioning to design a logo and visual language that will form your brand’s unique identity.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Core brand idea
  • Brand narrative
  • Communication style
  • Personality
  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Business or brand naming

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An effective brand strategy provides a central unifying idea around which all behaviour, actions and communications are aligned. It works across products and services and is effective over time.

“The best brand strategies should roll off the tongue. They are easy to talk about, whether you are the CEO or an employee.”
Ben Harbinson, Creative Director

Just as your personality makes you unique, your brand is what differentiates your business from the rest of the crowd. While branding certainly includes logo design, fonts and other visual assets, other components such as personality, content, key messages and storytelling play a larger role in creating a brand. Successful brands are those that are consistent, tell a story and evoke an emotional response from their audience.

At Thirst Creative, we get to the heart of your business, through market research, consultations and workshops, to help you build a brand with substance. Whether you are looking to refresh an existing brand or you are starting from scratch, our team are here to help.

“At Thirst we use a strategy-first approach when developing a brand. We work alongside you to define your purpose, vision, values, impact and story to create a core brand idea that resonates with your business and your audience.”
Victoria Marsh, Marketing & Digital Manager

Our talented design team use this core brand idea to create a meaningful visual language for your business, including logo design, brand marks, typefaces, photography, imagery and colour palettes. This visual language is designed to communicate key messages, engage your audience and ultimately leave a lasting impression. At Thirst Creative our team become an extension of your business, working collaboratively with you to turn your business into a brand.

See some of the brands we have created here.

Which brand archetype are you?

Identifying your brand archetypes will help you understand your brands personality and better position your brand in the market. Brand archetypes form part of your overall brand identity and shape the way you communicate to your target audience.

There are twelve brand archetypes, which ones resonate with your brand?

    Find out which archetype you are

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