The National Theatre

With over 80 years of history in dance and drama education, and an iconic arts venue in St Kilda, the National Theatre has a wide and varied audience. It needed a rebrand to convey it's energy and personality.

National Theatre Brochure Detail

National Theatre Logo Concept 1
National Theatre Logo Concept 2
National Theatre Logo Concept 3
National Theatre Final


Thirst was engaged in partnership with Knack Marketing & Design to rebrand The National Theatre. We presented a range of logo concepts that retained some traditional elements via typography choices, but developed an overall logo style that felt contemporary.

National Theatre Brochure

Marketing Materials

Thirst designed a full spread of stationery and a range of marketing materials including the 2016 Season Brochure. This is the first time The National Theatre has released a comprehensive, full season brochure.

The branding challenge for the marketing materials is that the National Theatre showcases a broad variety of performances. Each of these performances has it’s own style and personality and can range from traditional ballet, to hip hop, musical performances or plays.

National Theatre Stationery

The Solution

We developed a Style Guide with a performance branding section for The National Theatre. The guidelines allow for a consistent yet flexible approach to their visual communications.

The logo colour changes to match the performance. The brand font is used where suitable, but alternatively performance-specific typography can be used where this is integral to the shows own branding.

The outcome is a flexible and very clean brand that will help The National Theatre raise awareness and recognition within the arts community.

National Theatre Cinderella


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