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Supercoach is an online, Australian fantasy football application owned by NewsCorp Australia. Supercoach approached Thirst Creative to help their team improve the application moving into 2016 football season by developing a new, user-friendly look and feel.
Our team of digital designers worked alongside the platform developers to overhaul the interface and fully re-design the UX and UI. The new-look design was rolled out across the country and was embraced by passionate AFL fans nationwide.

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Our talented web designers worked alongside the Supercoach development team to re-invent the way users interacted with the game. The ultimate goal of the development project was to improve usability for the apps rapidly growing user-base in order to appeal to a variety of new players who were unfamiliar with the games structure and process. The redesigned game structure addressed the pain-points of Supercoach veterans and made the game more accessible and enjoyable for a more diverse group of players.

The refreshed design modernised the game; with our designers focussing heavily on producing an application that looked and felt professional, whilst also being highly interactive and functional for everyday use. The UX-centred approach successfully revived the stagnant game-play experience and worked to grow Supercoach new user engagement whilst maintaining their dedicated and active fanbase.

Supercoach multi-phone layout

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