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South East Water

South East Water engaged Thirst Creative in the lead up to the redevelopment of their Cranbourne treatment plant, the outcome of which would be a leading-edge residential development called Aquarevo. As part of Aquarevo, the construction of a decentralised water recycling plant was proposed. To support this proposal and the Aquarevo project, a comprehensive community and stakeholder engagement campaign was required. Thirst Creative were able to assist South East Water with this campaign by developing an infographic that communicated the process and benefits of the proposed recycling plant to the community and all relevant stakeholders.

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It was important for our designers to ensure that the infographic was visually appealing but also effective in communicating and explaining the innovative solutions that would be implemented as part of the project. The Thirst team went on to design the Aquarevo FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) booklet as well, which included the new infographic,  and was distributed to members of the community and other relevant stakeholders.

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