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Soap Aid

At Thirst Creative, we are proud to have partnered with Soap Aid, a not-for-profit organisation bringing soap and hygiene to communities in need, to offer pro-bono design services. This pro-bono work lead to an exciting project to help SoapAid implement a sustainable business model which would help bring soap to more communities in need. The ‘Hotel to Hands’ program involved upgrading the website, applying new systems/software integrations to help automate the process and building a resource library of marketing collateral for participating hotels including posters, brochures and training documents.

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Soap Aid is a not-for-profit organisation committed to saving the lives of disadvantaged children through improved hygiene and positively impacting the environment. Soap Aid approached our team for help with the delivery of a range of print and digital marketing materials and take their design concepts to a new level before the launch of their ‘Hotel to Hands’ program.

Soap Aid wanted to implement a new sustainable business model to ensure they could grow the organisation and improve hygiene practices in more communities around the world. This new business model meant there was a need to improve the process and increase their number of subscribers. To maximise the efficiency of their ‘Hotel to Hands’ program, we helped Soap Aid to integrate their online systems, freight delivery processes, customer relationship management (CRM) software, website and other digital platforms.

By automating and streamlining their web processes, our team have made it easier and more accessible for Hotels to subscribe to their program. We also assisted Soap Aid with the design and development of their new website, email templates and back-of-house marketing materials such as brochures, posters, social media strategy and training documents.

The ‘Hotel to Hands’ program is now up and running, facilitating the collection, sorting, cleaning and reprocessing of hotel soap into fresh, hygienic soap bars for distribution in disadvantaged communities around the world. We are proud to have worked alongside Soap Aid to make a difference and improve the health outcomes for disadvantaged communities around the world.

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