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Planum Partners

Planum Partners, an advisory, investment and project finance firm, were looking to inject some originality into their website and differentiate themselves from their competitors. To do this Planum Partners needed to get to the essence of their brand, better understand their values and improve their key messaging. With the help of Thirst Creative, Planum Partners were able to delve deeper into their brand’s personality and identify these key elements. A core brand idea was developed and used to inspire and shape the development of their new website.

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Planum Partners are an advisory, investment and project finance firm, with offices in both Melbourne and Sydney, who initially sought the expertise at Thirst Creative to help them develop a new website that would better represent their business. In the process of reviewing their current website Planum Partners recognised the need to and importance of articulating exactly what it is that sets them apart from their competition on their new site.

As a result, the idea and value of developing a core brand idea was presented with the aim of capturing the true essence of their business through identifying key strengths and competitive capabilities. Every brand and business has a core brand idea at the heart of it however it takes a lot of time and thinking to get to the essence of what it actually is that defines them and sets them apart. Planum Partners needed a core brand idea to inspire their team, identify the direction in which they wished to take their business and better articulate their key messages.

After initial discussion, Planum Partners conducted an in-house brand workshop which provided us with the crucial insight needed to establish the essence of their business, their team motivations and the value that they offer to their customers. It became evident that we needed to communicate and portray the confidence, clarity and integrity that Planum Partners brings to their projects and client relationships.

This idea was then used to inspire and shape their new website. The benefit now is that Planum Partners not only have an inspiring website that better reflects the essence of their brand, but they have a core brand idea that will guide future directions, future decisions and assist them in aligning future activities.

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