The Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC) in Frankston provides leisure, fitness and aquatic recreation services to a wide ranging target audience. Facilities include the AquaSphere and Constrictor family raft rides, a gym and group exercise studios, warm water pool and swim school, a wellness centre, creche and cafe. We help them keep a huge range of marketing messages on brand with consistent design.

PARC Venue
PARC $0 Campaign
PARC Zero Dollar Campaign

Ongoing design and marketing support

With multiple arms of the business and competing messages PARC requires design support and branding that can stretch across the Centre’s activities, but allow each to retain their own individual look and feel and appeal to a wide variety of users.

PARC has ongoing requirements for asset design and delivery that is consistency on brand but meets individual service requirements.

Process management

Thirst created a shared PODIO environment for PARC to allow it to brief designers on design projects and to ensure smooth and consistent processes for briefing, proofs, approvals and the delivery and archiving of design assets.

This allows PARCs marketing team to brief in new assets as they are required, set deadlines and manage communications in the rollout of new marketing collateral.

Ongoing design projects have included:

  • The $0 campaign – a sign up push that was rolled out across building banners, rail signage, posters, and water bottles. Thirst developed the brand mark for this campaign.
  • A new Wellness brochure, which required complete redesign from staple bound document to sophisticated graphic and folded brochure.
  • Templates for service promotion on digitals screens throughout the centre.

PARC Wellness Brochure
PARC Fit Advert
PARC Birthday Card


  • Podio Integration


  • Brand mark
  • Design Assets
  • Brochure Design


  • Consistent Design
  • Streamlined Workflows

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