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Health Workforce Queensland

Health Workforce Queensland is a not-for-profit health agency focused on making sure remote, rural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have the resources to access sustainable professional health services.

Thirst Creative and Health Workforce Queensland have developed a strong design partnership over a number of years. Our partnership started with the design and curation of their 2015 Annual Report and has evolved into projects spanning from asset development to branding and logos.  We have elevated the brand’s design style and identity, acting as brand custodians for Health Workforce Queensland and their partner organisations; developing an extensive collection of marketable brand collateral and print work.

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When we first partnered with Health Workforce Queensland, they were in need of an annual report that could showcase the great work they do and their high placement and retention rates for rural doctors. The brief was to create a stylish and engaging report that they could use for promotion of their services. Utilising infographics to concisely communicate their results, Thirst Creative produced a report that further strengthened their brand presence and showcased their impressive figures.

Health Workforce Queensland is the leading remote healthcare workforce agency, recruiting and supporting the doctors, nurses and allied health professionals needed in rural communities and developing strategies and programs aimed at enhancing the sustainability of health practice in these areas. But Health Workforce Queensland didn’t have any marketing tools to showcase their hard work and successes.

Thirst have produced their marketing collateral and Annual Reports that utilise infographics and professional design to concisely communicate their results. Thirst produced an annual report that further strengthened their brand presence and showcased their impressive figures.

Health Workforce Queensland continue to go from strength to strength and we are excited to continue working with them and watch their brand grow.


“Thirst Creative are an exceptional business to work with. They have a wealth of knowledge across marketing, design and digital.”
– Belinda Connolly, Health Workforce Queensland


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