Health Workforce Queensland

Finding doctors and healthcare workers to work and live in the rural and remote communities of Queensland is a tough gig, but Health Workforce Queensland does it really well. They needed an annual report that could showcase the great work they do and their high placement and retention rates for rural doctors.

HWQ Spread

Visual pride in an Annual Report design

The brief was to create a stylish and engaging report Health Workforce Queensland could use for promotion of their services.

The group is the leading remote healthcare workforce agency, recruiting and supporting the doctors, nurses and allied health professionals needed in rural communities and developing strategies and programs aimed at enhancing the sustainability of health practice in these areas.

But Health Workforce Queensland didn’t have any marketing tools to showcase their hard work and successes.

Thirst produced an Annual Report that was more than just reports and financial information. Utilising infographics to concisely communicate their results, Thirst produced a report that further strengthened their brand presence and showcased their impressive figures.

Stand out reporting

The design utilised a die cut to create a more high-end feel but still kept within the client’s budget. Each of the full page infographics can be extracted individually and used for ongoing web and print marketing to select audiences. Some elements of the report have been used to create banners for use at trade shows, while individual infographics are included in many other marketing materials and as stand alone documents.

HWQ Open
HWQ Cover
HWQ Banners


  • Insights
  • Research
  • Creative


  • Design
  • Print production


  • Multi purpose reporting

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