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Frasers Property

Burwood Brickworks, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, is shaping up to be quite an extraordinary shopping centre. Frasers Property approached Thirst Creative to create an engaging video showcasing the development program for what is planned to be the world’s most sustainable shopping centre.

The video highlights how the journey to achieve the Living Building Challenge certification is creating value for the community, the industry, Fraser Property’s supply chain and other businesses. With limited existing resources, our expert team of animators were able to bring architectural renders to life, through animation and piece-to-camera interviews, producing an engaging 5 minute video that stimulates interest and engages its audience.


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When approaching an idea that challenges preconceptions of traditional shopping centres and pushes the boundaries of consumer expectations, information is everything. Navigating an educational piece from a creative perspective is never easy when it comes to video as necessary extended frames of speech, often in interview form, can drive content to be a little ‘lacklustre’.

To combat this, our animators decided to keep the visuals active and interesting by including cuts of bright text and graphics. Teaming the organic beauty of the buildings architecture with fun and playful animation assisted in conveying and amplifying the ‘inviting and social’ nature of the new development.

With limited brand assets and restricted access to existing architectural renders, our animators used their creative skill sets to spotlight the importance of the story behind the ‘living building’ sustainable effort. Using watercolour and leafy green imagery, the video soon evolved from a simple educational piece to a visual journey bringing the consumer experience to life. Progressing from exteriors to interiors, storefronts to cafes, the video highlights key areas of the shopping centre and visualises the sustainable, natural and advanced interactive environment on offer.


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