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These property investment advisors are all about results, but it was clear their website wasn’t cutting it! After our full UX redesign, their huge library of content is now hot property, encouraging users to read more and most importantly, inspiring them to take action.

Empower Wealth Mobile

Highlighting video content

Empower wanted to increase visibility and interaction with its large library of how to guides and wealth building education videos. Thirst custom built a YouTube library, categorising the videos into three key skill levels – beginner, intermediate and expert – and allowing videos to be filtered by service area.

  • The How To Sessions page is now the third most viewed page on the site, with the highest time on page.
  • Visits to the video page has increased by over 250% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Empower Wealth How To Sessions

Sorting a wealth of content

Blog content had previously been split across multiple sub-sites that focused on each service area. It was difficult to manage and navigate, and faced problems with replication of content and the inability to cross-reference between posts.

Thirst condensed the blog into one prominent area and reviewed the layout to allow Empower Wealth to feature it’s great content, and for users to drill down through categories to find relevant information. Adding prominent social media buttons makes it easier for others to share content with their networks.

Empower Wealth Blog

Enhanced bookings

Empower Wealth’s key call to action on the site is the book a free appointment form. It was important to make users aware of the appointment booking process and motivate them to book.

Thirst added a sitewide booking bar, fixed to the top of every page. Once clicked, users are presented with the booking form, as well as a simple three step guide which outlines the process.

  • The number of appointment booking have increased by 200% compared to the same period in the previous year.

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